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What's in a Good News Club?

Gospel Grounded

Good News Clubs are dedicated to bringing the Gospel to children in a way and at a level they can understand. The program consists of a Bible Lesson, memory verse, games, missionary stories, Bible rich songs, and often small groups


Each week, the children are given the chance to receive Jesus as their Savior. 

Every Week

Good News Clubs are one day a week directly after school, and  last 1.5 hours. For the full list of schools and their start times, click below:

There are several roles to be filled in a Good News Club. Each team works together to make sure the needs are covered at club. The roles of a club include, but are not limited to:

  • Club Leader
  • Small Group Leader (each club may have 2 – 6 small groups)
  • Bible Lesson Teacher
  • Memory Verse Teacher
  • Registration Manager
  • Review Game Host
  • Songs Leader
  • Classroom Management Helper
  • Snack Preparation Volunteer*
  • Supplies Preparation Volunteer*

When a volunteer is placed in a club, the team leader helps delegate roles based on the needs of the club and abilities of the team.

*Doesn’t have to attend club

Yes! Training is required for all volunteers.

Good News Club Training Conferences are held every Fall and Spring; attendance is mandatory. (See events page for upcoming conference dates)

We also offer other training opportunities to sharpen skills and increase effectiveness in ministry. (See events page)

Local churches partner with Child Evangelism Fellowship to host Good News Clubs in their local schools. These churches put together teams of volunteers to facilitate clubs in the schools they sponsor.

How Do I Volunteer?

Step 1

Click the application link at the bottom of this page.

Step 2

Read and Agree to the CEF Child Protection Policy, Statement of Faith and the Workers Compliance Agreement.

Step 3

Fill Out the Online CEF Application & Background Screening Form.

Step 4

Be fingerprinted for your Collier County Public School (CCPS) issued badge.
You will be emailed directions as soon as your background screening has cleared.

Step 5

Be interviewed by a CEF staff member or sponsoring church staff member.
You will be emailed complete directions.

When Can I Start?

As soon as your background check has cleared you will be allowed to join the Good News Club team and interact with the children at the club. However, the fingerprinting for your CCPS badge and your interview should take place as soon as possible.